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Commonwealth COVID status registry
Commonwealth COVID status registry

ACCORD partner, the integrated Translational Health Institute Virginia (iTHRIV), deploys the COVID status registry for the Commonwealth.

Appalachia Prosperity Project
Appalachia Prosperity Project

ACCORD partners with the Appalachia Prosperity Project to support research development and underpin data management, serving the Southwest Virginia region.

Intel/Dell Partnership
Intel/Dell Partnership

UVa partners with Intel to support data-intensive research

Commonwealth COVID status registry
Commonwealth COVID status registry

ACCORD partner, the integrated Translational Health Institute Virginia (iTHRIV), deploys the COVID status registry for the Commonwealth.


The ACCORD project now invites researchers across the US. Our resources and services are free to researchers at public and not-for-profit institutions (per availability). We prioritize projects addressing the COVID pandemic.

The ACCORD Cyberinstrument

SIMPLY PUT: Today, only a handful of universities in the US are capable of handling HIPAA data. Therefore, should research opportunities arise that involve health information, researchers at universities without HIPAA-compliant infrastructure have to either decline or severely limit their participation in order to not break the law. This problem is exacerbated at under-resourced, minority-serving, and non-PhD granting institutions. ACCORD is built as the first compliant-capable community cyberinfrastructure for handling highly sensitive research data.

Federation: the heart of ACCORD innovation

Compliance is a complex institutional process. In short, whether a researcher is deemed compliant with applicable laws and regulations is a decision made solely by his/her institution. Therefore, in order to scale services, ACCORD federates access to its system. Instead of working with researchers creating individual guest accounts on ACCORD, the University of Virginia will enter into a contract agreement with the partner institutions. Researchers can then access and use ACCORD through their institution's process, using local credentials.  The federated model allows partner institutions to manage their own identity and access control, and therefore, can verify and certify their own compliance with high confidence; concurrently, ACCORD is relieved of the risk and responsibility for identity and access management; and ultimately, the researcher application process and workflow is significantly less burdensome.

To streamline the federated access model, each partner institution designates an ACCORD liaison to support user design, configure, and test their containerized ACCORD environment. The liaison will also facilitate the institutional compliance approval process.


ACCORD is designed to help researchers store, access, and analyze research data in compliance with their Data Usage Agreement. ACCORD can provision computer infrastructures compliant with HIPAA, FISMA-CUI, and baseline security requirements. ACCORD also provides necessary documentation for institutional compliance auditing.


ACCORD provides both secured storage and compute resources to users in containerized packages. Software tools, such as Malab and Jupyter Hub, are also available. Depending on available resources, access to ACCORD is free for Virginia researchers. For large projects, condo resource hosting is also possible.


Researchers at partner universities can access and use ACCORD resources remotely via secured online interface and data transfer protocol; workflows are set up to integrate with their institution's processes; and documentation are verified at every job instance. An ACCORD liaison is available at each partner institution to onboard and support users.

ACCORD is ready to host your research!

The ACCORD system is fully operational, ready to host your research! Get in touch with us to get started.

ACCORD federation is ready. Note that setting up federation between ACCORD and the user's organization may take some steps. Those with immediate needs will be sponsored an account on ACCORD while we set up federation.

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RIVANNA - Standard

security cluster

  • A traditional high performance cluster with job scheduler, large file system, modules, and MPI processing.

  • Consists of 5 interactive and 548 heterogenous cluster nodes for a total of 20358 cores.

  • 1.8PB of Scratch / 6PB of Value storage / 6PB of project storage.

IVY: High-security computing environment

  • A multi-platform, HIPAA-compliant system for secure data;

  • Includes dedicated virtual machines (Linux and Windows), JupyterLab Notebooks, and Apache Spark.

  • Approved for HIPAA, CUI, FISMA and ITAR compliance.

  • Managed by OpenStack control planes for storage, compute, and virtual private cloud security.

  • 93 physical nodes for a total of ~1400 cores and ~29TB of memory.

  • 4 GPU nodes with 4 V100s each.

  • Virtual Machines are secured by UVA identity providers and a high security VPN using multi-factor authentication and rigorous user policies.

  • Data ingress/egress is facilitated by Globus GridFTP.

DCOS - Container cluster

  • Running the Distributed Cloud Operating System, an enterprise product built upon the Apache Mesos and Marathon projects for container orchestration.

  • 17 physical nodes for a total of 1152 cores, 6.5TB of memory.

  • 320TB of local cluster storage, and attached to 2PB of other research storage via NFS.

  • Deploys built-in internal and external-facing load balancers, as well as a Shibboleth-protected SAML proxy for authenticated user sessions.

  • Implements service-driven templates, health checks for automated scaling and failover, and encrypted secrets.

ACCORD is housed in UVA's Tier 2+ data center (shown in background photo), guaranteeing at least 99.749% reliability of service.

ACCORD is connected to Internet2 via the Mid-Atlantic Research Infrastructure Alliance network (MARIA) at 100Gbps.

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